Shipping Only


You have already bought your goods yourself or you wish to handle procurement yourself? No problem. We can handle only shipping for you and we have an address in China where you can send your goods to.

Please, when sending your goods to our China office, kindly ensure your name and phone number are clearly written on the goods as we receive a lot of goods. Also, provide us via email –, the tracking number for the goods, the name written on the goods plus your phone number.

China Address:

English: Room 323 3/F Mingsheng Business Centre 12-20 Guangyang road, M. Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China.

Chinese: 广州市白云区广源中路18号明圣商贸城明圣商贸城323档

Tel: +86 135 4442 9491

Kindly note that you are responsible for making sure your supplier sends your goods to us and that your goods actually get to us. We will also NOT verify the correctness of what was sent to us as we would if we handled procurement for you.