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Toy House for Girls

  Your little girl has gone from baby to toddler and now actually plays with her toys instead of chewing on them or banging them on any available surface. She’s ready to engage in more of the kind of play that mimics what she sees you do, play that mimics real life. This is the […]

Kids’ Brick & Slide Ball Course Toy

Imagination is a powerful thing. It’s the one place where ideas are born, dreams come alive and the future designed. So it’s only important that your kids get the chance to live out their imagination as often as possible. And getting them the best toys is a great way to help them achieve that. In […]

3D Printing Pen

You know what? Manufacturing processes and technology have come a very long way since the Industrial revolution. A lot of these processes used to require heavy machinery (most of which required a lot of manpower) and took a lot of time but that’s not the case today. For instance, did you know that 3D-printed quarantine […]

Foldable Piano

The Foldable Piano is a high quality piano with a portable design which can be hand-held. It can also be rolled up for easy storage in your handbag or carrying case. It boasts an elegant appearance and a melodious sound quality which makes it popular among users and will make it your preferred choice. With […]

Plasticine Modelling Clay for Kids

Plasticine has seen extensive use as entertainment and creative toys for children since it was first introduced in 1900. Thanks to its pliability, kids get to create whatever their unfettered minds can imagine and the fact that it’s available at pocket friendly prices means that there really is no limit to what they can create […]

Magic Rainbow Coloring Book

Children, especially toddlers, love to draw; they can doodle and scribble for hours. They also love to color; give a toddler a coloring book and crayons, markers or pencils and watch them go to town on the book. It’s a splendid way for parents to keep their little ones constructively engaged while they attend to […]