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Cordless Extension Box With USB Ports

Do you have a lot of appliances and devices that need to be plugged in at once? If anyone asked you this question, we can bet that your answer would be yes. And it’s the same answer that would have been given by countless other people, if they had been asked. This is a problem […]

Portable Smart Projector

These days, we don’t need to leave our homes to enjoy a good movie. And it’s all thanks to video streaming platforms like Netflix and websites that allow us to effortlessly download videos. The importance of this development was even better appreciated during the covid-19 lockdown. Everyone with internet connection had access to premium entertainment. […]

3D Self-Adhesive Brick Wallpaper

This 3D wallpaper can be said to be one of the most realistic imitations of a stone wall we’ve seen so far. It gives you the feel of a natural stone wall, made from Polyester foam and it’s quite affordable – which is why we decided it’s worth bringing to your notice. What’s more, it’s […]

Wireless Lost Item Finder

How many times have you wished your keys, purse or wallet had a phone number you could just dial whenever they decide to play hide and seek with you? Countless times, right? You’re not alone as we’ve been down that road a number of times ourselves which is why we’re sure that the Wireless Lost […]

Electronic Assessory Storage/Organizer Case

Packing cables, cords and a number of other bits and pieces that make the daily use of electronic gadgets worthwhile can be quite cumbersome. For instance, one has to remember to pack charging cables and cords, drives, memory cards, card readers, earpieces/airpods, phones and/or tablets – and this is just a list of the basics […]

Cleaning Gel

A cleaning Gel, yeah you heard right, might be a novel concept to many of us but trust us when we say that for the tasks it’s been designed to do, it’s way better than your regular cleaning brush. This Gel can remove little crumbs, dust, specks and also clean small spaces which we all […]

Wifi Booster

In the today’s world where every kind of interaction takes place on the internet, it can be frustrating to work with a slow, unstable and unreliable network. Not only does it take the joy that comes with the instantaneous nature of the internet out of a user’s experience, it also makes working, playing games, streaming […]

Celestron Photographic/Video Tripod

Guess what? We’ve got good news for the photographers and cameramen (and women – no one is going to accuse us of being gender insensitive) out there and the merchants that cater to them: the Celestron Photographic/Video Tripod. This lightweight aluminum-alloy tripod is possibly one of the best mid-weight tripods to hit the market as […]

Mushroom Multi Charging Station

Well, what do you know? USB charging just got cuter. Yeah, cute is the definitely the word that comes to mind at the first sight of the Mushroom Multi Charging Bracket but that isn’t all there is to this little guy. It’s actually a pretty swell gadget that combines being a USB charging station with […]

Vacuum Travel Mug

A Vacuum Travel Mug comes in handy when we’re trying to keep our favorite drinks and beverages hot or cold on the go; plus, not all of us are top shot executives with assistants who’ll appear, at the touch of a button, with cups of coffee or tea, freshly made, steaming hot and just the […]

Smart Wireless Powerbank

The wireless charging technology was introduced in 2009 and nine years down the line, it has been adopted by many smartphone makers including Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, LG and many more; by the way, according to Jumia’s 2018 mobile report, Apple and Samsung were among the top selling mobile brands on its Nigerian platform . […]

Organizer Mouse Pad with Wireless Charging

An organized work space is bae; it projects an image of being professional, it reduces stress, facilitates creativity and increases productivity. It’s our confidence in this that makes us happy to introduce the Organizer Mouse Pad with Wireless Charging. It’s more than just a mouse pad; it’s a high tech, multifunctional pad that folks without […]

Multiport USB-C Hub for MacBook Pro

It feels good when we’re able to get things done and it feels even better when we’re able to get more than one thing done at the same time. Multitasking, that’s the word for it. In today’s world, it’s no longer strange to find people performing two or more tasks at once; as a matter […]

Memory Foam Cushion

The Memory Foam Cushion turns any hard sitting surface into a deluxe, premium seat in seconds. It’s a great help for people with back pain from prolonged sitting, the type of sitting that many jobs require. It also provides the much needed comfort and relief for people with medical conditions that make prolonged sitting tortuous; […]

Mesh Lumbar Back Brace

A back brace is a device that’s used to provide additional support for the lower back. There are many reasons why people will need the extra lower back support that back braces give such as people with bad posture, those of us who are continually hunched over our computers in work, the aging, pregnant women, […]

Lap Desk

We’ve come into the age of the mobile office. It’s an age where proposals can be written in restaurants, an age where business deals are sealed and promises delivered without the individuals involved ever meeting, an age where assignments are given and submitted on the go; one where doctor’s appointments, lecturers, legal counsel, news broadcasts […]

Computer Arm Rest

Much of today’s work has been digitalized; education, banking, accounting, journalism, entertainment, photography even medicine, sports and play. We find that people keep spending longer hours with their computers and you can bet your bottom dollar that about 99.9 percent of these people don’t bother about correct posture while using their computers. Think about it, […]