Category: Mobile Phone Accessories

Cordless Extension Box With USB Ports

Do you have a lot of appliances and devices that need to be plugged in at once? If anyone asked you this question, we can bet that your answer would be yes. And it’s the same answer that would have been given by countless other people, if they had been asked. This is a problem […]

Portable Smart Projector

These days, we don’t need to leave our homes to enjoy a good movie. And it’s all thanks to video streaming platforms like Netflix and websites that allow us to effortlessly download videos. The importance of this development was even better appreciated during the covid-19 lockdown. Everyone with internet connection had access to premium entertainment. […]

Car Phone Holders

Funny fact: did you know that holding your phone while driving is an illegal act? But with the new Magnetic Car Phone Holder which can be mounted on your car’s dashboard, you can see and use your smartphone with ease – and, hey, using a Car Phone Holder is not illegal. The Magnetic Car Phone […]

Portable Mini Powerbank

Get powered up easily with the new Portable Mini Powerbank and experience fast charging on the move. With a high battery capacity (up to 10,000mAh), dual ports ( for charging multiple devices), LED lights which can serve as a means of illumination in the dark. Moreover, this description won’t be complete if we don’t mention […]

Selfie Tripod

Selfie photography just got on a whole new level with the Selfie Tripod Stand, which allows you to take perfect shots and make fun videos that will last a lifetime. With features such as the Fill Lighting which has 3 different light modes; white-warm, yellow-warm and yellow-white, the brightness can be adjusted to give the […]

Mini Table-Top Tripod

When one hears the word ‘tripod’ it’s often those bulky, conspicuous, three-legged camera stands that come to mind. However, with the Mini Table-Top Tripod entry into the camera stand market, picture taking and video making just got a whole lot lighter, flexible and much more fun; and guess what, with this little fella 360-degree shots […]

Wallet-Style Phone Cases

Phone cases aka phone pouches aka phone covers heave gone from being optional items for phone owners to becoming a necessity. In short, we can bet our boots that four out of every five phones purchased are purchase with phone cases – some sellers even throw them in at no extra cost to buyers as […]

Phone Gaming Pad Radiator

There’s a reason smart phones are as popular as they are and that reason is their multifunctionality. With a smart phone we’re able to not only connect with the rest of the world but to enjoy our favorite games, download and watch the latest movies, earn money and perform different tasks. However, as with all […]