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Glass Tea Infuser Bottle

  Here’s the perfect bottle for all you lovers of tea, coffee, herbal drinks, juice and good old water. That’s practically everyone, right? We all could use this bottle – especially if you’re serious about staying hydrated. This insulated glass bottle is designed to make brewing the perfect cup of tea or coffee on the […]

Mini Kitchen Scale

The Mini Kitchen Scale will simplify the way you prepare your meals. It is the perfect choice for measuring ingredients, whether you are a professional chef or you’re just cooking dinner at home. The scale can weigh items up to 5000 grams and give you precise measurements. It features a detachable bowl that makes it […]

Instant Food Chopper

The Instant Food Chopper makes food prep a breeze. You see, unlike food processors this gadget isn’t bulky or heavy neither is it noisy and complex; and unlike the process of chopping up veggies by hand, doing it with this chopper is faster with lesser chances of drawing blood – so what’s not to love? […]

Plate and Cutlery Organizer with Cover

Stacking and organizing dishes is one way to ensure that a kitchen space is as inviting as can be. It’s also important if you want to keep plates, bowls and cups crack and chip free. It’s also great way to reduce the chances of precious dinnerware breaking. So, in keeping with our modus here at […]

No-Drip Oil Dispenser

Often times, the difference between a great meal and a culinary disaster lies in the quantity and ratios of ingredients used. Every good cook or chef knows that the kitchen is very much like a laboratory and that cooking is to him or her what ‘chemisting’ (don’t bother looking up the word, we coined it […]

Anti Spill Funnel for Pots and Pans

Has anyone ever tried to transfer hot oil from a frying pan into a container with a smaller rim? We can guess from your experience, it isn’t something that you’d advice anyone to do when they’re distracted, is it? It’s actually not rocket science but it’s definitely a task you would want to pay close […]

Rotate the Vegetable Cutter

Food prep time just got more exciting with this little cutie patootie and we’re going to tell you how. The new Rotate the Vegetable Cutter comes with an amazing feature that sets it apart from other vegetable cutters: a drainage system that allows one to wash the vegetables immediately after cutting them, making the cleaning […]

Aluminum Foil Self-adhesive Kitchen Backsplash

Steam, water, bubbling fluids, sweat and blood (yes, you read correctly, blood) are just some of the random things that one can expect to see in the kitchen on a good day; and on an even  better day, one might just find all four in one kitchen. Now, even though the average person expects to […]

Portable Juice & Smoothie Maker

We have good news for the fitness and healthy diet enthusiasts amongst us; it’s with great pleasure that we present to them (and potential members of this group, trust us this product will have you itching to join) the Portable Juice & Smoothie Maker. As its name implies, this little guy makes it possible to […]

Stainless Steel Scourer with Long Handle

“I don’t like a sparkling kitchen”, said no one ever. Seriously, we’re yet to find a person who isn’t pleased by the sight of gleaming pots and pans, squeaky clean sinks and shining stovetops. It’s an inviting sight that makes one want to whip out an apron and get to cooking, never mind whether one […]

Batter Mixer Bottle

The Batter Mixer Bottle was created to make batter mixing much more easier and faster than it currently is (we mean batter mixing by hand and not by those commercial electric mixers). It also makes the task mess free and more fun. Novelty aside, this product could actually spur the lazy chefs among us to […]

Vacuum Travel Mug

A Vacuum Travel Mug comes in handy when we’re trying to keep our favorite drinks and beverages hot or cold on the go; plus, not all of us are top shot executives with assistants who’ll appear, at the touch of a button, with cups of coffee or tea, freshly made, steaming hot and just the […]

Stainless Steel Cocktail Cubes

The idea behind the invention of the stainless Steel Cocktail Cubes is to keep drinks and beverages chilled without watering them down or diluting them. It’s easy to imagine how the inspiration for this clever invention came about: a guy was probably sipping his beer at a barbeque party on a hot summer afternoon. He […]

Silicone Food Bag

Storing food is a big deal for moms, caterers, chefs and any other people in the food business. There are many containers on the market for food storage but they’re usually bulky and take up lots of space in refrigerators and dishwashers. This can be a problem for folks who do not have such space […]

Reusable Straws

There are times when we’ve had to reject the straws that come with drinks we ordered simply because of how they were presented. Sometimes they seem clean enough but then the person presenting them absent mindedly holds them by any of the drinking ends while handing them over and that’s often a turn-off for many. […]

Non-Stick Baking Mat

There is no denying the fact that baked goods are delicious, perhaps criminally so. They taste so good and no matter what anyone says, life without those yummy miracles of sugar infused, dry heated flour would be… it’s actually quite difficult to imagine life without them so we’ll just skip that and imagine something else, […]

Motorized Knife Sharpener

Anyone who has ever used knives or any other cutting tool will tell you that their job was more satisfying and was accomplished faster with sharp blades. Someone even said that there’s a higher chance of getting cut or nicked when working with a dull kitchen knife than with a sharp one. There are different […]

Cup Handles

Anyone who’s probably wondering ‘cup handles?’ should know this: we’d have been wondering the same thing if it didn’t quickly occur to us that tumblers aren’t always comfortable to hold on to, especially if they contain something hot. Doubt that? Good, you don’t. Otherwise we would have recommended a quick and very easy test where […]

Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener

The Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener recently hit the market and it did so with a bang. It became the subject of reviews on TV shows, YouTube and blogs throughout 2018 – only something truly great can garner such attention and generate such critical appraisal from both experts and everyday people alike. It goes without saying […]