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Glass Tea Infuser Bottle

  Here’s the perfect bottle for all you lovers of tea, coffee, herbal drinks, juice and good old water. That’s practically everyone, right? We all could use this bottle – especially if you’re serious about staying hydrated. This insulated glass bottle is designed to make brewing the perfect cup of tea or coffee on the […]

mounted infrared thermometer

Mounted Infra-red Thermometers

Thermometers have been with us since they were first invented in 1714 by Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit ( just a little fun fact). Actually, there were thermometers before Fahrenheit’s but his was the first to be widely accepted as accurate and practical with a standardized temperature scale – the Fahrenheit scale. However, at that time, thermometers […]

Power Roller Ab Trainer

The process of looking good, fit and trim can be quite trying on the body, mind and pockets. This is because it involves a lot of commitment, sweat and the acquisition of some necessary gear. For many, it’ll even require a gym membership and, if it’s a really good gym, those things can cost a […]

Mini Kitchen Scale

The Mini Kitchen Scale will simplify the way you prepare your meals. It is the perfect choice for measuring ingredients, whether you are a professional chef or you’re just cooking dinner at home. The scale can weigh items up to 5000 grams and give you precise measurements. It features a detachable bowl that makes it […]

Mosquito Repellent Clips

Mosquitoes know how to get your attention. If they aren’t flying over your head in their numbers and sticking their proboscises into whatever part of your body they feel like while you’re out in your patio, balcony or yard enjoying the evening breeze, they’ll be flying around your room, performing their own, albeit unwanted, version […]


Sleeping with a partner or in a public place can be a source of embarrassment if you snore or drool. For some, it becomes a fear so crippling that they avoid situations where they’ll have to share beds or sleeping spaces and we don’t need to tell you how that can put a damper on […]

CBD Oil: What It Is, What It Does and Where You Can Find It.

 CBD oil took the United States and Europe by storm in 2018 with millions of people seeking out the oil for its many evidence-based benefits. As a matter of fact, search engines have reported that CBD has been the topic of about 6.4 million online searches per month. Now, if one compares this to the […]

UV Light Mosquito Killer

With the UV Light Mosquito Killer you are sure to get a good night of sound sleep; you’re also sure to stop worrying about mosquitoes circling over your head during outdoor activities, because the it promises to zap them to their death. It’s a low-voltage device, durable and light-weight, that doesn’t involve the use of […]

Rechargeable Digital Bathroom Scale

A healthy lifestyle involves quite a lot of conscious decision making. You have to be aware of what, when and how you eat; you also have to be deliberate about the type of products you use, your daily routine and your state of mind. Anybody who has ever been on one fitness journey or the […]

Spirulina Eye Mask

There are a lot of things our bodies do that most – if not all – of us would rather not have them do; like showing outward signs of fatigue and aging for instance. However, such things are part of the circle of life (mhm, we just couldn’t resist the chance to use the popular […]

Ionic Filtration Shower Head

Shower time just got richer, more relaxing and rewarding. The Ionic Filtration Shower Head has been causing a lot of stir online in recent times and trust us when we say that it’s all for good reasons. This shower head recently joined a host of shower heads on the market but thanks to its many […]

Neoprene Sauna Tank Top

In August 2017, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) presented the findings of a research sponsored by it and carried out by a team of researchers led by Dr. L.C. Dalleck of the Western State Colorado University. The research showed that individuals who exercised in neoprene sauna suits reaped more benefits from their exercises than […]

360 Face & Body Toning & Massage Tool

Imagine what it’d be like if we could walk around, go anywhere we want with a spa in our pockets? How would it feel to know that we have, right in our hands, an effective, therapeutic solution to help us de-stress after a hectic day? And while we’re at it, let’s also take the time […]

Compression Foot Sleeves

When it comes to overall health, people don’t really pay attention to their feet. Yeah, we may wash them and adorn them with nice shoes but that isn’t all there is to foot care, or is it? Funnily enough, it’s often our feet that take the brunt of our busy schedules, particularly for those of […]

Posture Correcting Back Brace

Most of us may remember being told by our parents or teachers to stand or sit up straight and stop slouching. Well, it turns out that they weren’t just looking for an excuse to be on our cases, they actually meant well, as many of us have come to realize. Good posture has a truck […]

3D Compression Knee Brace

When you become a member of the fit fam (we mean those who are committed and dedicated to the whole thing, like the real deal, hard core members), you’re one for life and nothing, not even, injuries or age can revoke your membership. The most any one of those conditions will do is slow you […]

No-Drip Oil Dispenser

Often times, the difference between a great meal and a culinary disaster lies in the quantity and ratios of ingredients used. Every good cook or chef knows that the kitchen is very much like a laboratory and that cooking is to him or her what ‘chemisting’ (don’t bother looking up the word, we coined it […]

Portable Juice & Smoothie Maker

We have good news for the fitness and healthy diet enthusiasts amongst us; it’s with great pleasure that we present to them (and potential members of this group, trust us this product will have you itching to join) the Portable Juice & Smoothie Maker. As its name implies, this little guy makes it possible to […]

Underwater Music Player

What we have here is an mp3/fm player that makes it possible for lovers of water sports to enjoy some music while they’re doing their thing. One can even say it affords these hydrophilic folks to enjoy two hobbies or pastimes at once. For those of us wondering just how big the water sport market […]

Neck Traction Device

Neck pain is quite common and it can be caused by accidents, holding the neck in awkward positions for too long e.g. prolonged looking up or down, sleeping in uncomfortable positions, stress (there’s plenty of that in today’s world), carrying weight on the shoulders, underlying disease conditions e.g. herniated discs, throat infections etc. even something […]

Vacuum Travel Mug

A Vacuum Travel Mug comes in handy when we’re trying to keep our favorite drinks and beverages hot or cold on the go; plus, not all of us are top shot executives with assistants who’ll appear, at the touch of a button, with cups of coffee or tea, freshly made, steaming hot and just the […]

UCool Cooling Device

There are days when it’s so hot that owning a portable cooling unit makes one send a heartfelt ‘God bless you’ to whoever created such a product. However, such a device would have to be without its own set of inconveniences to make it worth anyone’s while. It would have to be non-electrical as wearing […]

Nano Teeth Whitening Kit

There’s only one thing more beautiful than a set of smiling white teeth and that’s a baby’s toothless smile. However, this article isn’t about smiling babies rather it’s a description of a really efficient teeth whitening solution for the thousands of people who seek to become bearers of truly dazzling smiles. Wikipedia describes tooth whitening […]

The Herb Nail Repair Cream

People with beautiful nails, who have never had to hide their nails, will never be able to relate to the unease that people with not-so-beautiful nails (no, we won’t use the “U” word) feel whenever they have to hold glass cups or use cutlery in public places (say on lunch breaks, on dates or group […]

Memory Foam Cushion

The Memory Foam Cushion turns any hard sitting surface into a deluxe, premium seat in seconds. It’s a great help for people with back pain from prolonged sitting, the type of sitting that many jobs require. It also provides the much needed comfort and relief for people with medical conditions that make prolonged sitting tortuous; […]

Magnetic Abdominal Slimming Patch

A trim fit figure – that’s the goal for many of us. You’d be surprised at the number of times it makes it into many peoples’ New Year’s resolution. Yet very few people are able to get that result by the time December comes along and it’s not for want of trying. At times, there’s […]

Mesh Lumbar Back Brace

A back brace is a device that’s used to provide additional support for the lower back. There are many reasons why people will need the extra lower back support that back braces give such as people with bad posture, those of us who are continually hunched over our computers in work, the aging, pregnant women, […]

Infrared Slimming Massager

As we go through life, we find that in spite of our best efforts at keeping our bodies in optimal shape, certain conditions still find a way to sneak up on us and make it appear like we weren’t even trying. An example of such conditions is obesity and its attendant complications. This is one […]

Electric Pulse Neck Massager

The following words should sound familiar to folks who are constantly typing and clicking the day away on their computers, people for whom work and play involve their computers; here they are: aching necks, headaches, aching shoulders, upper back pain etc. Actually, aches and pains are not peculiar to computer users alone; they affect anyone […]

Computer Arm Rest

Much of today’s work has been digitalized; education, banking, accounting, journalism, entertainment, photography even medicine, sports and play. We find that people keep spending longer hours with their computers and you can bet your bottom dollar that about 99.9 percent of these people don’t bother about correct posture while using their computers. Think about it, […]

Picosecond Laser Pen

The cosmetic industry has definitely come a long way; we have actually come to the point where we can remove blemishes from our skin instead of covering them up with make-up or ink; what’s more, we can do that from the comfort of our homes and laser technology is to be thanked for that. Its […]

Bath Mat with Suction Cups

Bathrooms can be death traps if one isn’t careful. If the guys behind the “1000 Ways to Die” television series decided to, they could create a show on the different ways a person could end up in the emergency room from bathroom-related accidents. Virtually everyone has had at least one scary moment where they almost […]

Arthritis Gloves

According to a 2016 research in Ghana, 68% of the 225 participants involved in the study were RA (Rheumatoid arthritis) positive. University of Ibadan’s College of Medicine states that there are 1.5 million cases of arthritis yearly in Nigeria with children aged 0 – 2 years having the least incidence of the disease and adults […]

Anti-Snore Device

No one likes to share their sleeping space with a snorer, no one. Let’s paint a picture of how this scenario often goes: Imagine a hardworking African woman coming home after putting in her one hundred percent into the day’s hustle, she has a warm refreshing bath and enjoys a delicious dinner that hits the […]

Anti-Aging Neck Mask

Isn’t it funny how the chance to live to a ripe old age is considered a blessing yet many people do whatever they can to make sure the signs don’t show? It’s really one of the fascinating ironies of life. It makes one wonder how we’d have handled or managed the fountain of youth if […]


Banishing wrinkles and fine lines just got easier; all that’s needed is an Anti-Wrinkle Silicone Chest Pad. Wrinkles are part of the natural aging process and sooner or later they’re going to make an appearance. However, most people would rather have them make their inevitable appearance later, much, much later – this is one business […]