Category: Hair Care

Ionic Hair Dryer

Hair care has certainly come a long way. Throughout history, womankind has gone through so much to get the perfect head of hair. That effort has birthed a lot of styles, hair products and appliances and it’s easy to get thrown off balance in the search for what works for your hair. One of such […]

Maycheer Hair Shadow

A scanty hairline is the bane of many existences. It has stifled the creativity in self expression through hair style choices for many men and women and has formed the basis of nomenclature for many an exasperated animal (e.g. the naked mole rat). While there isn’t much that we can do for the poor creatures, […]

Synthetic Hair Extensions

For the sake of a fun intro, we’re going to do an interesting exercise. Here we go: Words and Opposites; tall – short, big – small, fast – slow, human hair – synthetic hair. There you go, fun intro done. Now let’s talk about synthetic hair and why it’s a good thing. Our intro may […]

Human Hair Extensions & Wigs

There’s a popular saying that we agree with; it goes: looking good is good business. However, in the light of what we do here at, we’ll reword that saying to something more apt and that is: helping others look good is even better business. African women love to look good and that can be […]

Magic Hair Curlers

The magic hair curler is a pack of spiral-shaped hair rollers with which women of all ages can achieve smooth, wide and well-defined curls. It’s a no-heat tool for creating beautiful, bouncy curls with convenience and ease. This means that women who want curly tresses but are reluctant to subject their hair to repeated exposure […]

Ionic Electric Hairbrush

Hmm, personal grooming is getting more interesting by the day. First it was electric toothbrushes, now it’s electric hairbrushes. Yes o, you read correctly. The uninterestingly mundane task of hair brushing has received a visit from the fairy godmother of technology, who knew? But unlike with electric toothbrushes where the process of washing one’s teeth […]

Girls’ Hair Accessories

Every little girl is a beautiful princess or fairy (even a fairy princess) in her own right and if you’ve ever had one, you’ll know that she always wants to look the part. Many parents will do what they can to help her do so – after all a beautifully packaged daughter will reflect well […]

Air Spin and Curl Hair Curler

Every woman has at some point in her life desired a full head of beautiful curly locks but we know that not every woman has long hair. As a matter of fact, African hair isn’t anything like that; it’s a glorious halo of tightly coiled black hair. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways the […]

3D Electric Razor

We live in very interesting times; in an era where every activity that can be mechanized is mechanized and those that haven’t are either being studied or waiting their turn. Even activities as mundane as shaving have now been elevated to a novel experience with the introduction of electric razors. Generally, with these devices, one […]