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Electric Spin Scrubber

Who’d have thought that the day would come when we’d find house cleaning a desirable activity? Who’d have thought we’d choose to clean, not for the results, but for the process? Well, not only is that day upon us, we’re going to be seeing a lot of fulfilled home owners and it’s all thanks to […]

Cordless Extension Box With USB Ports

Do you have a lot of appliances and devices that need to be plugged in at once? If anyone asked you this question, we can bet that your answer would be yes. And it’s the same answer that would have been given by countless other people, if they had been asked. This is a problem […]

Robot Vacuums

These adorably cute gadgets are also called robot mops and robot sweepers. And if you let them, they might just become your perfect little helpers with domestic chores. Everyone loves a clean house (at least, we’re yet to meet a person who doesn’t). So just imagine it, a life with less time spent on sweeping, […]

Portable Smart Projector

These days, we don’t need to leave our homes to enjoy a good movie. And it’s all thanks to video streaming platforms like Netflix and websites that allow us to effortlessly download videos. The importance of this development was even better appreciated during the covid-19 lockdown. Everyone with internet connection had access to premium entertainment. […]

LED Light Strips

This innovative and unobtrusive lighting solution is the latest in interior decorating. And it’s easy to understand why when you consider the fact that they are easy to install, discrete and come in different lengths and colours. What’s more, they’re available in all the budget ranges you can think of. LED light strips can be […]

3D Printing Pen

You know what? Manufacturing processes and technology have come a very long way since the Industrial revolution. A lot of these processes used to require heavy machinery (most of which required a lot of manpower) and took a lot of time but that’s not the case today. For instance, did you know that 3D-printed quarantine […]

Portable Luggage Scale

Tired of overweight baggage charges? Well, the Portable Luggage Scale is an essential device that helps you avoid the frustration of having to rearrange your stuff or pay the extra money airlines charge for a few pounds or kilograms of extra baggage weight. All you have to do is pack your bags and then weigh […]

Mini Kitchen Scale

The Mini Kitchen Scale will simplify the way you prepare your meals. It is the perfect choice for measuring ingredients, whether you are a professional chef or you’re just cooking dinner at home. The scale can weigh items up to 5000 grams and give you precise measurements. It features a detachable bowl that makes it […]

Wireless Lost Item Finder

How many times have you wished your keys, purse or wallet had a phone number you could just dial whenever they decide to play hide and seek with you? Countless times, right? You’re not alone as we’ve been down that road a number of times ourselves which is why we’re sure that the Wireless Lost […]

Electronic Assessory Storage/Organizer Case

Packing cables, cords and a number of other bits and pieces that make the daily use of electronic gadgets worthwhile can be quite cumbersome. For instance, one has to remember to pack charging cables and cords, drives, memory cards, card readers, earpieces/airpods, phones and/or tablets – and this is just a list of the basics […]

Foldable Piano

The Foldable Piano is a high quality piano with a portable design which can be hand-held. It can also be rolled up for easy storage in your handbag or carrying case. It boasts an elegant appearance and a melodious sound quality which makes it popular among users and will make it your preferred choice. With […]

christmas tree projector projecting snowflakes

Christmas Tree Topper Projector

Bring a gorgeous sparkle and richness to your homes and many more this Christmas with this Christmas Topper Projector. As its name implies, this Christmas tree decorative piece doubles as an LED projector and a sparkly star topper.  The topper has a dense dusting of glitter on all sides which makes it quite attractive and […]

Portable Mini Powerbank

Get powered up easily with the new Portable Mini Powerbank and experience fast charging on the move. With a high battery capacity (up to 10,000mAh), dual ports ( for charging multiple devices), LED lights which can serve as a means of illumination in the dark. Moreover, this description won’t be complete if we don’t mention […]

Smart Video Doorbell

Ever wanted to know who was at your front door and what’s happening outside on your porch without having to actually interact with them? Well, with the Smart Video Doorbell you can always keep a watchful eye on and stay connected with your home. In addition to being a doorbell, this device gives a high […]

Rechargeable Digital Bathroom Scale

A healthy lifestyle involves quite a lot of conscious decision making. You have to be aware of what, when and how you eat; you also have to be deliberate about the type of products you use, your daily routine and your state of mind. Anybody who has ever been on one fitness journey or the […]

Selfie Tripod

Selfie photography just got on a whole new level with the Selfie Tripod Stand, which allows you to take perfect shots and make fun videos that will last a lifetime. With features such as the Fill Lighting which has 3 different light modes; white-warm, yellow-warm and yellow-white, the brightness can be adjusted to give the […]

Mini Table-Top Tripod

When one hears the word ‘tripod’ it’s often those bulky, conspicuous, three-legged camera stands that come to mind. However, with the Mini Table-Top Tripod entry into the camera stand market, picture taking and video making just got a whole lot lighter, flexible and much more fun; and guess what, with this little fella 360-degree shots […]

Wifi Booster

In the today’s world where every kind of interaction takes place on the internet, it can be frustrating to work with a slow, unstable and unreliable network. Not only does it take the joy that comes with the instantaneous nature of the internet out of a user’s experience, it also makes working, playing games, streaming […]

Celestron Photographic/Video Tripod

Guess what? We’ve got good news for the photographers and cameramen (and women – no one is going to accuse us of being gender insensitive) out there and the merchants that cater to them: the Celestron Photographic/Video Tripod. This lightweight aluminum-alloy tripod is possibly one of the best mid-weight tripods to hit the market as […]

Phone Gaming Pad Radiator

There’s a reason smart phones are as popular as they are and that reason is their multifunctionality. With a smart phone we’re able to not only connect with the rest of the world but to enjoy our favorite games, download and watch the latest movies, earn money and perform different tasks. However, as with all […]

Underwater Music Player

What we have here is an mp3/fm player that makes it possible for lovers of water sports to enjoy some music while they’re doing their thing. One can even say it affords these hydrophilic folks to enjoy two hobbies or pastimes at once. For those of us wondering just how big the water sport market […]

Mushroom Multi Charging Station

Well, what do you know? USB charging just got cuter. Yeah, cute is the definitely the word that comes to mind at the first sight of the Mushroom Multi Charging Bracket but that isn’t all there is to this little guy. It’s actually a pretty swell gadget that combines being a USB charging station with […]

Smart Wireless Powerbank

The wireless charging technology was introduced in 2009 and nine years down the line, it has been adopted by many smartphone makers including Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, LG and many more; by the way, according to Jumia’s 2018 mobile report, Apple and Samsung were among the top selling mobile brands on its Nigerian platform . […]

Organizer Mouse Pad with Wireless Charging

An organized work space is bae; it projects an image of being professional, it reduces stress, facilitates creativity and increases productivity. It’s our confidence in this that makes us happy to introduce the Organizer Mouse Pad with Wireless Charging. It’s more than just a mouse pad; it’s a high tech, multifunctional pad that folks without […]

Multiport USB-C Hub for MacBook Pro

It feels good when we’re able to get things done and it feels even better when we’re able to get more than one thing done at the same time. Multitasking, that’s the word for it. In today’s world, it’s no longer strange to find people performing two or more tasks at once; as a matter […]

License Plate Mounted Reverse Camera

We really have to thank God for technology; it has been helping mankind carry out everyday tasks more easily and improving productivity since the first stones were struck to produce fire. It’s difficult to think of any area of life that technology hasn’t helped us with and now, it’s helping us with reverse parking and […]

Fingerprint Scanning Smartlock

Remember how we used to watch those sci-fi movies that had lots of futuristic technology and dismissed them as film tricks? Well, a few of those “film tricks” have inspired tech manufacturers to create them or something similar and while some have been hugely successful others are still in the works. Some sci-fi inspired techs […]

Electric Pulse Neck Massager

The following words should sound familiar to folks who are constantly typing and clicking the day away on their computers, people for whom work and play involve their computers; here they are: aching necks, headaches, aching shoulders, upper back pain etc. Actually, aches and pains are not peculiar to computer users alone; they affect anyone […]

True Wireless Earphones

We certainly like the direction that earphone technology is moving in; not only can we use them without worrying about detangling cords, we can now charge them without cords or cables as well (neat, right? We certainly think so). Earphones use Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect with phones and computers aren’t exactly recent technology but […]

2-in-1 Handheld Steam Iron

You know how those big shot executives always look like they’re stepping out of some fashion magazine cover even when they’re on the go? The truth is that most of them have a well-paid team that is dedicated to making sure that they’re always looking dapper, wherever and whenever. Does this mean that those of […]