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Toy House for Girls

  Your little girl has gone from baby to toddler and now actually plays with her toys instead of chewing on them or banging them on any available surface. She’s ready to engage in more of the kind of play that mimics what she sees you do, play that mimics real life. This is the […]

Glass Tea Infuser Bottle

  Here’s the perfect bottle for all you lovers of tea, coffee, herbal drinks, juice and good old water. That’s practically everyone, right? We all could use this bottle – especially if you’re serious about staying hydrated. This insulated glass bottle is designed to make brewing the perfect cup of tea or coffee on the […]

Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil

Many women have mastered the art of eyebrow makeup; but there are many more who haven’t, many for whom doing their eyebrows requires serious mental preparation. Now imagine a woman in the second who has gone through all the trouble to draw on her best pair of eyebrows yet. She’s feeling like an accomplished makeup […]

Electric Spin Scrubber

Who’d have thought that the day would come when we’d find house cleaning a desirable activity? Who’d have thought we’d choose to clean, not for the results, but for the process? Well, not only is that day upon us, we’re going to be seeing a lot of fulfilled home owners and it’s all thanks to […]

Cordless Extension Box With USB Ports

Do you have a lot of appliances and devices that need to be plugged in at once? If anyone asked you this question, we can bet that your answer would be yes. And it’s the same answer that would have been given by countless other people, if they had been asked. This is a problem […]

Drawstring Trash Bags

They say necessity is the mother of invention; however, there are times when the desire for a convenient way of doing things is. How else would you make an argument for a drawstring trash bag? They’re inarguably clever and we think that they’ll be a hit. In fact, if the numbers on Amazon are anything […]

Kids’ Brick & Slide Ball Course Toy

Imagination is a powerful thing. It’s the one place where ideas are born, dreams come alive and the future designed. So it’s only important that your kids get the chance to live out their imagination as often as possible. And getting them the best toys is a great way to help them achieve that. In […]

Robot Vacuums

These adorably cute gadgets are also called robot mops and robot sweepers. And if you let them, they might just become your perfect little helpers with domestic chores. Everyone loves a clean house (at least, we’re yet to meet a person who doesn’t). So just imagine it, a life with less time spent on sweeping, […]

Tire Foam Cleaner

Have you ever wondered about the difference between clean and sparkling clean? No? We hadn’t too; not until we saw what the tire foam cleaner could do. This tire cleaning agents will leave your tire so clean and so shiny that folks would have to wear anti-glare shades to view them. Okay, that’s an exaggeration […]

Ionic Hair Dryer

Hair care has certainly come a long way. Throughout history, womankind has gone through so much to get the perfect head of hair. That effort has birthed a lot of styles, hair products and appliances and it’s easy to get thrown off balance in the search for what works for your hair. One of such […]

Portable Smart Projector

These days, we don’t need to leave our homes to enjoy a good movie. And it’s all thanks to video streaming platforms like Netflix and websites that allow us to effortlessly download videos. The importance of this development was even better appreciated during the covid-19 lockdown. Everyone with internet connection had access to premium entertainment. […]

mounted infrared thermometer

Mounted Infra-red Thermometers

Thermometers have been with us since they were first invented in 1714 by Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit ( just a little fun fact). Actually, there were thermometers before Fahrenheit’s but his was the first to be widely accepted as accurate and practical with a standardized temperature scale – the Fahrenheit scale. However, at that time, thermometers […]

LED Light Strips

This innovative and unobtrusive lighting solution is the latest in interior decorating. And it’s easy to understand why when you consider the fact that they are easy to install, discrete and come in different lengths and colours. What’s more, they’re available in all the budget ranges you can think of. LED light strips can be […]

3D Self-Adhesive Brick Wallpaper

This 3D wallpaper can be said to be one of the most realistic imitations of a stone wall we’ve seen so far. It gives you the feel of a natural stone wall, made from Polyester foam and it’s quite affordable – which is why we decided it’s worth bringing to your notice. What’s more, it’s […]

3D Printing Pen

You know what? Manufacturing processes and technology have come a very long way since the Industrial revolution. A lot of these processes used to require heavy machinery (most of which required a lot of manpower) and took a lot of time but that’s not the case today. For instance, did you know that 3D-printed quarantine […]

Portable Luggage Scale

Tired of overweight baggage charges? Well, the Portable Luggage Scale is an essential device that helps you avoid the frustration of having to rearrange your stuff or pay the extra money airlines charge for a few pounds or kilograms of extra baggage weight. All you have to do is pack your bags and then weigh […]

Power Roller Ab Trainer

The process of looking good, fit and trim can be quite trying on the body, mind and pockets. This is because it involves a lot of commitment, sweat and the acquisition of some necessary gear. For many, it’ll even require a gym membership and, if it’s a really good gym, those things can cost a […]

Mini Kitchen Scale

The Mini Kitchen Scale will simplify the way you prepare your meals. It is the perfect choice for measuring ingredients, whether you are a professional chef or you’re just cooking dinner at home. The scale can weigh items up to 5000 grams and give you precise measurements. It features a detachable bowl that makes it […]

Mosquito Repellent Clips

Mosquitoes know how to get your attention. If they aren’t flying over your head in their numbers and sticking their proboscises into whatever part of your body they feel like while you’re out in your patio, balcony or yard enjoying the evening breeze, they’ll be flying around your room, performing their own, albeit unwanted, version […]

Wireless Lost Item Finder

How many times have you wished your keys, purse or wallet had a phone number you could just dial whenever they decide to play hide and seek with you? Countless times, right? You’re not alone as we’ve been down that road a number of times ourselves which is why we’re sure that the Wireless Lost […]


Sleeping with a partner or in a public place can be a source of embarrassment if you snore or drool. For some, it becomes a fear so crippling that they avoid situations where they’ll have to share beds or sleeping spaces and we don’t need to tell you how that can put a damper on […]

Quick-Fold Baby Stroller

Who’s ready to be the parent of the coolest baby around? Yeah, with this swanky ride, you and your little one are sure to turn heads as you stroll around town, walk along aisles in shopping stores, walk through airports and train stations and have a fun day in the park. Guess what! Good looks […]

Portable Camping LED Light with Fan

There are situations where one needs a product like this; situations like outdoor camping and in power outages. We love how it combines being a fan and a lamp without sacrificing efficiency or functionality on either end. Let’s take a closer look at this lamp and its features; we’re sure you’ll come to like it […]

Electronic Assessory Storage/Organizer Case

Packing cables, cords and a number of other bits and pieces that make the daily use of electronic gadgets worthwhile can be quite cumbersome. For instance, one has to remember to pack charging cables and cords, drives, memory cards, card readers, earpieces/airpods, phones and/or tablets – and this is just a list of the basics […]

Foldable Piano

The Foldable Piano is a high quality piano with a portable design which can be hand-held. It can also be rolled up for easy storage in your handbag or carrying case. It boasts an elegant appearance and a melodious sound quality which makes it popular among users and will make it your preferred choice. With […]

USB Charging Diaper Bag

Seriously, being a mum has never been cooler and we have products like this USB Charging Diaper Bag to thank for that. With its awesome features and the abundance of casual sophistication in its design, mums with babies can stylishly step out with everything they need and plenty of confidence. First of all, we’ll talk […]

Instant Food Chopper

The Instant Food Chopper makes food prep a breeze. You see, unlike food processors this gadget isn’t bulky or heavy neither is it noisy and complex; and unlike the process of chopping up veggies by hand, doing it with this chopper is faster with lesser chances of drawing blood – so what’s not to love? […]

christmas tree projector projecting snowflakes

Christmas Tree Topper Projector

Bring a gorgeous sparkle and richness to your homes and many more this Christmas with this Christmas Topper Projector. As its name implies, this Christmas tree decorative piece doubles as an LED projector and a sparkly star topper.  The topper has a dense dusting of glitter on all sides which makes it quite attractive and […]

Automatic Umbrella

Stay dry, look fashionable and show off your tech savvy with the Automatic Umbrella and its single button that opens and closes the umbrella quickly. A professionally designed product, this Umbrella is the perfect combination of smart tech and minimalism – as seen in its automated open and close feature and simple design. It’s a […]

Cleaning Gel

A cleaning Gel, yeah you heard right, might be a novel concept to many of us but trust us when we say that for the tasks it’s been designed to do, it’s way better than your regular cleaning brush. This Gel can remove little crumbs, dust, specks and also clean small spaces which we all […]

Make Huge Profits Buying and Selling Megir Wristwatches

Megir has been known as a professional maker of authentic wristwatches since its inception in 1997. It’s a Chinese brand owned by Shenzhen Meigel Watch Industry Co., Ltd, Guangdong, China, manufacturers of Zivok and Nakzen brand of wristwatches. When one goes through Megir’s story the following words come to mind: determination, passion and adventure; interestingly […]

CBD Oil: What It Is, What It Does and Where You Can Find It.

 CBD oil took the United States and Europe by storm in 2018 with millions of people seeking out the oil for its many evidence-based benefits. As a matter of fact, search engines have reported that CBD has been the topic of about 6.4 million online searches per month. Now, if one compares this to the […]

Car Phone Holders

Funny fact: did you know that holding your phone while driving is an illegal act? But with the new Magnetic Car Phone Holder which can be mounted on your car’s dashboard, you can see and use your smartphone with ease – and, hey, using a Car Phone Holder is not illegal. The Magnetic Car Phone […]

Portable Mini Powerbank

Get powered up easily with the new Portable Mini Powerbank and experience fast charging on the move. With a high battery capacity (up to 10,000mAh), dual ports ( for charging multiple devices), LED lights which can serve as a means of illumination in the dark. Moreover, this description won’t be complete if we don’t mention […]

Smart Video Doorbell

Ever wanted to know who was at your front door and what’s happening outside on your porch without having to actually interact with them? Well, with the Smart Video Doorbell you can always keep a watchful eye on and stay connected with your home. In addition to being a doorbell, this device gives a high […]

Christmas LED Beanies

We’re not going to leave you without something to light you and yours up this Christmas which why we think these flashy beanies will make a great buy. Fun Christmas-themed décor and clothes have always been a part of the festivities and this LED-lit beanie will put a perfect cap – literally and figuratively – […]

Incredible Retractable Stool

Off the top of your head, how many times have you had to wait in line this month alone: once a week, every morning or every morning and evening? Many would say a few times while some others will say they do so twice a day, every blessed day of their working lives. This shouldn’t […]

UV Light Mosquito Killer

With the UV Light Mosquito Killer you are sure to get a good night of sound sleep; you’re also sure to stop worrying about mosquitoes circling over your head during outdoor activities, because the it promises to zap them to their death. It’s a low-voltage device, durable and light-weight, that doesn’t involve the use of […]

3-Piece HSS Drill Bits

From industrial to D-I-Y projects, a lot of hole-drilling goes on everyday that it’d surprise you to know just how often it happens; and unless you’re actively involved in any of these projects you wouldn’t think about how important owning a good set of drill bits is to the success of your work or business. […]

Mistine 4D Mascara

4D mascara is the way to go for women who’d love to rock fuller and thicker lashes but would rather not go through the time consuming process (or are just plain skeptical) of using eyelash strips, individual extension lashes or even the quick fix magnetic lash extensions. It is designed with tiny rayon, keratin or […]

Collapsible Baby Bathtub

At the first sight of a baby bathtub, most people’s first reactions are usually those of tenderness and affection. If you doubt this, when next you see one, try doing a little backtracking on your thoughts and you’ll find that what we said is true. You see, these feelings are only normal as they remind […]

Rechargeable Digital Bathroom Scale

A healthy lifestyle involves quite a lot of conscious decision making. You have to be aware of what, when and how you eat; you also have to be deliberate about the type of products you use, your daily routine and your state of mind. Anybody who has ever been on one fitness journey or the […]

Spirulina Eye Mask

There are a lot of things our bodies do that most – if not all – of us would rather not have them do; like showing outward signs of fatigue and aging for instance. However, such things are part of the circle of life (mhm, we just couldn’t resist the chance to use the popular […]

Plasticine Modelling Clay for Kids

Plasticine has seen extensive use as entertainment and creative toys for children since it was first introduced in 1900. Thanks to its pliability, kids get to create whatever their unfettered minds can imagine and the fact that it’s available at pocket friendly prices means that there really is no limit to what they can create […]

Smart Key Organizer

Virtually every adult you know uses keys; most of us have key rings or key holders with which we keep the keys in one place so that they are readily accessible. There’s just one problem though: it can become a cumbersome and noisy affair (alright, make that two problems). Think about it; you have your […]

Selfie Tripod

Selfie photography just got on a whole new level with the Selfie Tripod Stand, which allows you to take perfect shots and make fun videos that will last a lifetime. With features such as the Fill Lighting which has 3 different light modes; white-warm, yellow-warm and yellow-white, the brightness can be adjusted to give the […]

Mini Table-Top Tripod

When one hears the word ‘tripod’ it’s often those bulky, conspicuous, three-legged camera stands that come to mind. However, with the Mini Table-Top Tripod entry into the camera stand market, picture taking and video making just got a whole lot lighter, flexible and much more fun; and guess what, with this little fella 360-degree shots […]

Ionic Filtration Shower Head

Shower time just got richer, more relaxing and rewarding. The Ionic Filtration Shower Head has been causing a lot of stir online in recent times and trust us when we say that it’s all for good reasons. This shower head recently joined a host of shower heads on the market but thanks to its many […]

Wifi Booster

In the today’s world where every kind of interaction takes place on the internet, it can be frustrating to work with a slow, unstable and unreliable network. Not only does it take the joy that comes with the instantaneous nature of the internet out of a user’s experience, it also makes working, playing games, streaming […]

Neoprene Sauna Tank Top

In August 2017, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) presented the findings of a research sponsored by it and carried out by a team of researchers led by Dr. L.C. Dalleck of the Western State Colorado University. The research showed that individuals who exercised in neoprene sauna suits reaped more benefits from their exercises than […]

Electric Eyebrow Trimmer

Eyebrows are prominent features of any face: male or female, young or old. They add some character to a face, hinting a bit at what lies within their wearer’s mind. Leaving eyebrows to grow in any which direction they chose isn’t something anyone who takes his or her appearance seriously wants to do as it […]

Micro Touch Facial Hair Trimmer

When it comes to the hair removal aspect of personal grooming, the true gentleman knows that God is in the details and that it’s little things like hair peeking out from nostrils, errant brow and beard hair growing out of their defined boundaries that foil efforts at looking like the complete package. However, in today’s […]

360 Face & Body Toning & Massage Tool

Imagine what it’d be like if we could walk around, go anywhere we want with a spa in our pockets? How would it feel to know that we have, right in our hands, an effective, therapeutic solution to help us de-stress after a hectic day? And while we’re at it, let’s also take the time […]

Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer

Getting studio quality, red-carpet-standard makeup doesn’t depend on a person’s skills alone; a lot actually depends on the products and the tools used as well and anyone who has ever seen or touched a makeup brush knows that their bristles are usually soft, dense and tightly packed. This makes it possible for the brushes to […]

Pet Massage Shower Head

It is a known fact that an important way to keep pets healthy is by keeping them clean and with the new Pet Shower Bath/Massage Brush, pet grooming just got a lot more easier and fun. The Pet Shower Bath/Massage Brush is a new product on the market that helps pet owners groom their pets […]

Pet Travel Carrier

Veterinarians, pet breeders and owners often have to move their canines and felines from place to place; like from one vet’s to another, from their owner’s home to the vet’s and back and from a breeder’s place to an owner’s home. Sometimes, these movements are done over long distances and the animal’s comfort becomes a […]

Compression Foot Sleeves

When it comes to overall health, people don’t really pay attention to their feet. Yeah, we may wash them and adorn them with nice shoes but that isn’t all there is to foot care, or is it? Funnily enough, it’s often our feet that take the brunt of our busy schedules, particularly for those of […]

Posture Correcting Back Brace

Most of us may remember being told by our parents or teachers to stand or sit up straight and stop slouching. Well, it turns out that they weren’t just looking for an excuse to be on our cases, they actually meant well, as many of us have come to realize. Good posture has a truck […]

Baby Nasal Aspirator

Everyone comes with a common cold or flu every once in a while but one would think that the viruses responsible for these discomforts would show a little compassion or consideration for babies. One would expect that any self-respecting flu virus will consider the fact that our babies haven’t littered the environment neither have they […]

Wallet-Style Phone Cases

Phone cases aka phone pouches aka phone covers heave gone from being optional items for phone owners to becoming a necessity. In short, we can bet our boots that four out of every five phones purchased are purchase with phone cases – some sellers even throw them in at no extra cost to buyers as […]

Pet Poop Scooper

A lot of people find the idea of owning pets quite inviting but are turned off by the prospect of having to clean up after them – and we honestly do not hold that against them as it would be unfair to both dog and owner to live in the unhealthy environment that would result […]

Reflective Harness for Dogs

It’s a generally accepted fact that dogs are man’s best friends and this relationship has inspired stories like White Fang and 101 Dalmatians; as a matter of fact, there’s even a scientific name for this whole thing and it’s called human-canine bonding. We know that there is an increasing number of pet owners who’d like […]

Plate and Cutlery Organizer with Cover

Stacking and organizing dishes is one way to ensure that a kitchen space is as inviting as can be. It’s also important if you want to keep plates, bowls and cups crack and chip free. It’s also great way to reduce the chances of precious dinnerware breaking. So, in keeping with our modus here at […]

Automatic Wringing Microfiber Mop

This, right here, is a product that promises to make cleaning days less strenuous, less terrifying and more rewarding as it boasts some exciting features that your regular mop doesn’t. For starters, it has an automatic squeeze function that eliminates the need for its user to squeeze out water with their hands. How does that […]

3D Compression Knee Brace

When you become a member of the fit fam (we mean those who are committed and dedicated to the whole thing, like the real deal, hard core members), you’re one for life and nothing, not even, injuries or age can revoke your membership. The most any one of those conditions will do is slow you […]

No-Drip Oil Dispenser

Often times, the difference between a great meal and a culinary disaster lies in the quantity and ratios of ingredients used. Every good cook or chef knows that the kitchen is very much like a laboratory and that cooking is to him or her what ‘chemisting’ (don’t bother looking up the word, we coined it […]

Anti Spill Funnel for Pots and Pans

Has anyone ever tried to transfer hot oil from a frying pan into a container with a smaller rim? We can guess from your experience, it isn’t something that you’d advice anyone to do when they’re distracted, is it? It’s actually not rocket science but it’s definitely a task you would want to pay close […]

Celestron Photographic/Video Tripod

Guess what? We’ve got good news for the photographers and cameramen (and women – no one is going to accuse us of being gender insensitive) out there and the merchants that cater to them: the Celestron Photographic/Video Tripod. This lightweight aluminum-alloy tripod is possibly one of the best mid-weight tripods to hit the market as […]

Rotate the Vegetable Cutter

Food prep time just got more exciting with this little cutie patootie and we’re going to tell you how. The new Rotate the Vegetable Cutter comes with an amazing feature that sets it apart from other vegetable cutters: a drainage system that allows one to wash the vegetables immediately after cutting them, making the cleaning […]

High-Pressure Car Cleaning Gun

Okay, show of hands, how many of us wouldn’t mind driving or being driven about in a not-so-clean car? Anyone? It’s just as we thought, no one; and we don’t hold it against you as we wouldn’t choose that either. Now, in spite of the general preference for clean cars, the average Joe and Janet […]

Portable Leak-Proof Travel Bottles

Maintaining good personal hygiene practices is something a lot of people invest time and money into. Deliberately and subconsciously, people make choices that not only show they want healthier lives but also make others aware of this. For instance, taking baths and applying creams and lotions is a deliberate choice for wellness. Another is hand […]

Aluminum Foil Self-adhesive Kitchen Backsplash

Steam, water, bubbling fluids, sweat and blood (yes, you read correctly, blood) are just some of the random things that one can expect to see in the kitchen on a good day; and on an even  better day, one might just find all four in one kitchen. Now, even though the average person expects to […]

Anti Lost Wrist Link

Anyone who has ever had to babysit a child knows that they have this trying tendency to run off when you look away for a second and you know what the most confounding thing is? The cute little imps will either turn around and smile or laugh when you try to get them to come […]

Drawer Style Transparent Cabinet

A cluttered space is a special type of hell; one where little devils of frustration and nerve wracking tension jab their pitchforks at their victims and trample on their dreams of seamless processes, punctuality and productivity with infuriating glee. And believe it or not, more people than we can imagine can relate to this picture […]

Maycheer Hair Shadow

A scanty hairline is the bane of many existences. It has stifled the creativity in self expression through hair style choices for many men and women and has formed the basis of nomenclature for many an exasperated animal (e.g. the naked mole rat). While there isn’t much that we can do for the poor creatures, […]

Q50 Kids’ Smart Watch

The Q50 Smart Watch is a wearable piece of technology designed to help parents keep track of and ensure the safety of their children and with its many clever features, it does all that and more. In addition to actually being useful, it also has that sci-fi appeal that will both attract and engage kids […]

Synthetic Hair Extensions

For the sake of a fun intro, we’re going to do an interesting exercise. Here we go: Words and Opposites; tall – short, big – small, fast – slow, human hair – synthetic hair. There you go, fun intro done. Now let’s talk about synthetic hair and why it’s a good thing. Our intro may […]

Human Hair Extensions & Wigs

There’s a popular saying that we agree with; it goes: looking good is good business. However, in the light of what we do here at, we’ll reword that saying to something more apt and that is: helping others look good is even better business. African women love to look good and that can be […]

Phone Gaming Pad Radiator

There’s a reason smart phones are as popular as they are and that reason is their multifunctionality. With a smart phone we’re able to not only connect with the rest of the world but to enjoy our favorite games, download and watch the latest movies, earn money and perform different tasks. However, as with all […]

Foldable Changing Pad & Diaper Bag

Babies aren’t bound by any of the rules of etiquette or social behavior that make adulthood complicated. For instance, after feeding the little milk guzzlers, we wait expectantly for them to belch and even encourage them to do so by placing them upright and rubbing their backs. Then we smile and praise them when they […]

Interlocking Carpets

Floor coverings are an essential part of any living space. They have different functions but some of the most important ones include covering subfloors, beautifying living spaces and providing insulation against extreme temperatures. Carpets are just one of the many types of floor coverings on the market today but we’ll be looking at a fun […]

U-Shaped Travel Pillow

Travelling is one activity that most of us do not give much thought to – well, except those in the transportation business of course. However, it may interest some of us to know that every day, every single day, millions of people take trips – whether it’s long or short distance ones – and they […]

Bamboo Washroom Paper

Washroom paper is the general name for toilet paper or toilet roll, facial tissues and paper hand towels (think serviettes); they’re also called Sanitary Papers. We’re going to assume that everyone knows what those products are for – and if by some rare chance there is one person who doesn’t, we really, truly do not […]

Portable Juice & Smoothie Maker

We have good news for the fitness and healthy diet enthusiasts amongst us; it’s with great pleasure that we present to them (and potential members of this group, trust us this product will have you itching to join) the Portable Juice & Smoothie Maker. As its name implies, this little guy makes it possible to […]

Maternity Belts

Being pregnant is a beautiful experience; it’s one of the few times African men become gentlemen and go the extra mile to make the women comfortable. That’s when you see them smile and say things like, “take it easy ehn” or “wait let me help you with that”. That’s also when women get a free […]

Stainless Steel Scourer with Long Handle

“I don’t like a sparkling kitchen”, said no one ever. Seriously, we’re yet to find a person who isn’t pleased by the sight of gleaming pots and pans, squeaky clean sinks and shining stovetops. It’s an inviting sight that makes one want to whip out an apron and get to cooking, never mind whether one […]

Baby Bathtub with Support

Giving a baby a bath is a very tricky business, true or false? While those of us who have never had to give this a try may be puzzled as to how to answer, those of us who have had reason(s) to do so will know better than to choose false. Seriously, it’s real tricky […]

Innovative Cleaning Brush

See ehn, we’re going to make a very interesting statement without feeling the least bit shamefaced or apologetic about it; here it goes: clean toilets are bae. There, we said it and we’ll say it again if anyone does as much as raise a quarter of an eyebrow. Okay, tell us, why do people insist […]

Batter Mixer Bottle

The Batter Mixer Bottle was created to make batter mixing much more easier and faster than it currently is (we mean batter mixing by hand and not by those commercial electric mixers). It also makes the task mess free and more fun. Novelty aside, this product could actually spur the lazy chefs among us to […]

Underwater Music Player

What we have here is an mp3/fm player that makes it possible for lovers of water sports to enjoy some music while they’re doing their thing. One can even say it affords these hydrophilic folks to enjoy two hobbies or pastimes at once. For those of us wondering just how big the water sport market […]

Baby Seat Trainer Cushion

By the time a baby is about four months old, experts say parents should begin expecting the little one to sit. However, it’s going to take a while and some work from both baby and parent to get to that point where the baby is able to sit upright by his or her self. While […]

The 360 rotating make-up organizer

Believe it or not, the average woman applies at least five different types of creams, lotions or balms to her body, as a part of her post-bath routine, everyday. Doubt that? Okay, let’s look at it together. First, there’s the body cream or lotion, followed by body spray or deodorant, hair cream or oil or […]

Neck Traction Device

Neck pain is quite common and it can be caused by accidents, holding the neck in awkward positions for too long e.g. prolonged looking up or down, sleeping in uncomfortable positions, stress (there’s plenty of that in today’s world), carrying weight on the shoulders, underlying disease conditions e.g. herniated discs, throat infections etc. even something […]

Inverted Umbrella with C-Shaped Handle

The rainy season is a beautiful time of the year; someone once said that the during the rainy season, the world looks like it had on one of those beautiful filters that those photography apps feature and we agree. Love it or hate it, the rains will come and when they do, they had better […]

Mushroom Multi Charging Station

Well, what do you know? USB charging just got cuter. Yeah, cute is the definitely the word that comes to mind at the first sight of the Mushroom Multi Charging Bracket but that isn’t all there is to this little guy. It’s actually a pretty swell gadget that combines being a USB charging station with […]

Vitamin C Oil

Mother Nature’s vanity case is replete with solutions to all the beauty problems facing us today and she keeps throwing them at us to enjoy. From aloe vera to honey and now, vitamin C – who’d have thought that there was more to the stuff that those sweet white or orange tablets were made of […]

Vacuum Travel Mug

A Vacuum Travel Mug comes in handy when we’re trying to keep our favorite drinks and beverages hot or cold on the go; plus, not all of us are top shot executives with assistants who’ll appear, at the touch of a button, with cups of coffee or tea, freshly made, steaming hot and just the […]

UCool Cooling Device

There are days when it’s so hot that owning a portable cooling unit makes one send a heartfelt ‘God bless you’ to whoever created such a product. However, such a device would have to be without its own set of inconveniences to make it worth anyone’s while. It would have to be non-electrical as wearing […]

Tire Pressure Alert Cap

There has been a lot of warning against over inflated tires and the dangers that they pose to the driver and other road users but not enough has been said about how dangerous under inflated tires can be. Automobile engineers and car mechanics understand how important it is to keep tabs on the air level […]

The Perfect Travel Bag

The average business executive will travel at least twice in a year and whether it’s a trip for business or pleasure, two things are for sure: they’ll want to look their best and they’ll like to do so without carrying luggage that’ll have them paying exorbitant baggage fees. This is probably why garment bags (aka […]