Foldable Piano

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  1. Please I want to know if the landing cost is in #(naira) bcos what I see in the box is the dollar sign? Which make s it higher than Ali express price.thanks

    1. Hello Aniete,
      In our post, we give the seller’s price for each product in both Yuan and Naira. You can calculate your landing cost using Yuan or dollars. The result is always in dollars though; so you’ll have to convert it to Naira to know how much you should expect to spend.
      Hope this helps.

    1. Hello Sunday,
      At 78 Yuan per piano and an estimated weight of 1.5kg, the estimated landing cost of 24 (the minimum quantity you can order) of the 49-key foldable piano is $703.89 (NGN 351,945.00).
      Hope this helps.

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