The Instant Food Chopper makes food prep a breeze. You see, unlike food processors this gadget isn’t bulky or heavy neither is it noisy and complex; and unlike the process of chopping up veggies by hand, doing it with this chopper is faster with lesser chances of drawing blood – so what’s not to love? Okay, so we know that there are a lot of other manual choppers out there and you’re probably wondering what makes this one different. Why don’t we take a look at some of its distinguishing features?

The Instant Food Chopper comes with a pulling cord mechanism that’s quite easy to use. Most manual choppers require the rotation of a handle or hand crank and some others work by pushing the vegetable being cut through dicer, spiralizer and slicer blades. They’re all good but there’re times when less is more – yes, even with meal prep – and all you need is a simple chopper that’ll give you great results with minimal effort and in little or no time at all, that’s where this cutie scores big. What’s more, the blades are super sharp and durable and the chopper is quite easy to take apart and clean.

Another advantage this little guy has over food processors is that it gives you more control over the size of your chops. Pull 2 to 4 times, if you rather not have tiny chops and more times if you’d prefer them so or would like them pureed. One can even cut onions, peppers, tomatoes at the same time for a stew or sauce mix. One other thing we love about this pull-cord chopper is its versatility as it can be used for meat, fish, and chicken just as well as vegetables. It’s available in small and large sizes.

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