A healthy lifestyle involves quite a lot of conscious decision making. You have to be aware of what, when and how you eat; you also have to be deliberate about the type of products you use, your daily routine and your state of mind. Anybody who has ever been on one fitness journey or the other (think weight loss, body building, agility, flexibility programs) will tell you that this is true. To be successful in one’s efforts at achieving all these, a lot of information has to be collected and progress tracked; the bathroom scale is one of the tools with which these can be done.

Truth be told, if you take the time to think about all the fitness and wellbeing-conscious individuals that you know you’ll notice that they all have a weighing scale in their bathrooms or some other part of their houses. The difference might be in when they last used them. Up until quite recently, bathroom scales were battery powered and this often meant that their batteries had to be changed frequently which often led to high maintenance costs and other inconveniences. Most folks would even find replacing the batteries difficult due to a lack of the proper tools or knowledge with which to do the job but with the recently introduced rechargeable bathroom scales those days are good as gone.

These bathroom scales come with a USB charging port and cable. When fully charged, they can last for many months before needing another charge. Other features of these rechargeable scales include:

  • LCD display that makes it easy to read results while standing and in the dark
  • Long lasting battery and a battery indicator
  • Temperature indicator
  • A 180-190kg weight limit
  • Sturdy and durable construction

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