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“I like big butts and I cannot lie”, those are the first words in the first verse of the controversial, Grammy award winning “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot; and from the numbers in the recent Plastic Surgery Statistic Report, we can see that there are a growing number of people who share his sentiments. We won’t even begin to mention names of celebrities who have had multiple surgeries in order to score big in this department. So, in spite of the scandalized eyebrows the lyrics of that song raised, it’s safe to say that a lot of people liked big butts back then and many of us still like it now, particularly us full blooded Africans.

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Now, despite the general affinity for the above-average-sized butt, not every woman is blessed with such curves and many of them would do anything, even go under the surgeon’s knife (for the few who can afford it) to get theirs. Seeing this, we’re glad to present a simpler yet efficient way to get this need met in the Booty Lifter Shaper. It’s a comfortable underwear that boosts the appearance of the booty so that a barely-there bum goes from that to beautifully (emphasis on –fully) perky. It may be a temporary solution but when compared to the life-threatening risk that is an unprofessional butt lift procedure or the intense, long-term process that are butt lift workouts, this baby is a winner. Besides, one can wear this while waiting for the results of the aforementioned workouts.

More on deets the Booty Lifter Shaper:

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  • Wide waistband fits comfortably and nicely defines waistline
  • Flat and fewer seams ensure that no outlines are visible
  • Soft and breathable material
  • Defines the thighs and hips
  • Available in different sizes and colors

You can check it out at the suggested stores:

Minimum order quantity: 3
Price in Yuan: 16.00
Price in Naira: 880.00
Weight: 150g

Minimum order quantity: 3
Price in Yuan: 31.00
Price in Naira: 1705.00
Weight: 120g

Minimum order quantity: 10
Price in Yuan: 18.80
Price in Naira: 1034.00
Weight: 180kg