Month: February 2019

License Plate Mounted Reverse Camera

We really have to thank God for technology; it has been helping mankind carry out everyday tasks more easily and improving productivity since the first stones were struck to produce fire. It’s difficult to think of any area of life that technology hasn’t helped us with and now, it’s helping us with reverse parking and […]

LED Shoelaces

Anyone looking for a chance to stand out on the dance floor doesn’t have to look too far; these LED shoelaces will ensure that everyone is looking in their direction, even if they’re standing as still as statues instead of dancing. Lacing up a pair of kicks with these attention grabbing laces adds a funky […]

Lap Desk

We’ve come into the age of the mobile office. It’s an age where proposals can be written in restaurants, an age where business deals are sealed and promises delivered without the individuals involved ever meeting, an age where assignments are given and submitted on the go; one where doctor’s appointments, lecturers, legal counsel, news broadcasts […]

Kids Potty Training Seat With Step Stool Ladder

It’s a thing of joy for parents to watch their little ones make progress in their growth and development; to go from those wobbly first steps to finally being able to find their way to the bathroom when it’s time for them to go. While it’s great to know that their toddlers have reached that […]

Ionic Electric Hairbrush

Hmm, personal grooming is getting more interesting by the day. First it was electric toothbrushes, now it’s electric hairbrushes. Yes o, you read correctly. The uninterestingly mundane task of hair brushing has received a visit from the fairy godmother of technology, who knew? But unlike with electric toothbrushes where the process of washing one’s teeth […]

Infrared Slimming Massager

As we go through life, we find that in spite of our best efforts at keeping our bodies in optimal shape, certain conditions still find a way to sneak up on us and make it appear like we weren’t even trying. An example of such conditions is obesity and its attendant complications. This is one […]

Hyaluronic Acid Essence

Sir Thomas Overbury once said in his 1613 poem, A Wife, “…beauty … is but skin-deep”. Through time, this quote has come to be accepted as a profound truth by many and many a time, one will hear or read, “Beauty is only skin deep”. We are one of the many who agree with this […]

Girls’ Hair Accessories

Every little girl is a beautiful princess or fairy (even a fairy princess) in her own right and if you’ve ever had one, you’ll know that she always wants to look the part. Many parents will do what they can to help her do so – after all a beautifully packaged daughter will reflect well […]

Fingerprint Scanning Smartlock

Remember how we used to watch those sci-fi movies that had lots of futuristic technology and dismissed them as film tricks? Well, a few of those “film tricks” have inspired tech manufacturers to create them or something similar and while some have been hugely successful others are still in the works. Some sci-fi inspired techs […]

Eyebrow Stencil

“Eyebrows on fleek.” Believe it or not, thousands of women want to be able to say those words about their eyebrows; from the busy student on campus to the secondary school graduate waiting for admission into a tertiary institution, from the grandma prepping for an owanbe outing to the busy mum with little kids who […]

Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are a dime a dozen but baby carriers that are considerate on the parent or babysitter’s body, now that’s something worth spending on. Anyone who has ever used a baby carrier will attest to the aches and soreness it causes, especially to the neck, shoulder and waist muscles and many people have come […]

Electric Pulse Neck Massager

The following words should sound familiar to folks who are constantly typing and clicking the day away on their computers, people for whom work and play involve their computers; here they are: aching necks, headaches, aching shoulders, upper back pain etc. Actually, aches and pains are not peculiar to computer users alone; they affect anyone […]

Cup Handles

Anyone who’s probably wondering ‘cup handles?’ should know this: we’d have been wondering the same thing if it didn’t quickly occur to us that tumblers aren’t always comfortable to hold on to, especially if they contain something hot. Doubt that? Good, you don’t. Otherwise we would have recommended a quick and very easy test where […]

Computer Arm Rest

Much of today’s work has been digitalized; education, banking, accounting, journalism, entertainment, photography even medicine, sports and play. We find that people keep spending longer hours with their computers and you can bet your bottom dollar that about 99.9 percent of these people don’t bother about correct posture while using their computers. Think about it, […]

Cat’s Eye Sunglasses

If one decides to look through the wardrobe or closet of people who consider their selves trendy and fashionable, one is sure to find at least one pair of sunglasses. They come in an interesting array of shapes and colors and are made of different materials that range from acetate, metal to leather. However, it […]

Booty Lifter Shaper

“I like big butts and I cannot lie”, those are the first words in the first verse of the controversial, Grammy award winning “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot; and from the numbers in the recent Plastic Surgery Statistic Report, we can see that there are a growing number of people who share his sentiments. […]

True Wireless Earphones

We certainly like the direction that earphone technology is moving in; not only can we use them without worrying about detangling cords, we can now charge them without cords or cables as well (neat, right? We certainly think so). Earphones use Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect with phones and computers aren’t exactly recent technology but […]

Picosecond Laser Pen

The cosmetic industry has definitely come a long way; we have actually come to the point where we can remove blemishes from our skin instead of covering them up with make-up or ink; what’s more, we can do that from the comfort of our homes and laser technology is to be thanked for that. Its […]

Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener

The Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener recently hit the market and it did so with a bang. It became the subject of reviews on TV shows, YouTube and blogs throughout 2018 – only something truly great can garner such attention and generate such critical appraisal from both experts and everyday people alike. It goes without saying […]

Bath Mat with Suction Cups

Bathrooms can be death traps if one isn’t careful. If the guys behind the “1000 Ways to Die” television series decided to, they could create a show on the different ways a person could end up in the emergency room from bathroom-related accidents. Virtually everyone has had at least one scary moment where they almost […]

Bare Lifts

People often say that it takes a woman forever to get ready. What they don’t realize is that it is hardly ever deliberate and there are many different reasons it takes them longer than the men folk to get ready. Those reasons include, and are not limited to, choosing make-up, coiffing tresses and wardrobe dilemma. […]

Baby Hip-Waist Carrier

The idea of getting the whole family – parents, grandparents and the kids – together for a day out sounds like all kinds of fun and it actually is, right up until the little ones start getting tired and sleepy. It’s around that time that they just have to be carried about by the adults […]

Arthritis Gloves

According to a 2016 research in Ghana, 68% of the 225 participants involved in the study were RA (Rheumatoid arthritis) positive. University of Ibadan’s College of Medicine states that there are 1.5 million cases of arthritis yearly in Nigeria with children aged 0 – 2 years having the least incidence of the disease and adults […]

Anti-Snore Device

No one likes to share their sleeping space with a snorer, no one. Let’s paint a picture of how this scenario often goes: Imagine a hardworking African woman coming home after putting in her one hundred percent into the day’s hustle, she has a warm refreshing bath and enjoys a delicious dinner that hits the […]

Anti-Aging Neck Mask

Isn’t it funny how the chance to live to a ripe old age is considered a blessing yet many people do whatever they can to make sure the signs don’t show? It’s really one of the fascinating ironies of life. It makes one wonder how we’d have handled or managed the fountain of youth if […]


Banishing wrinkles and fine lines just got easier; all that’s needed is an Anti-Wrinkle Silicone Chest Pad. Wrinkles are part of the natural aging process and sooner or later they’re going to make an appearance. However, most people would rather have them make their inevitable appearance later, much, much later – this is one business […]

Aloe Vera Skin Toner

Aloe vera’s reputation as a potent medicinal plant and an efficient cosmetic ingredient is a time honored one. Its use has been recorded as far back as the 16th century in Egypt and the ancient Egyptians referred to it as “that plant of immortality.” Aloe vera has also featured in many other notable historical incidences; […]

Air Spin and Curl Hair Curler

Every woman has at some point in her life desired a full head of beautiful curly locks but we know that not every woman has long hair. As a matter of fact, African hair isn’t anything like that; it’s a glorious halo of tightly coiled black hair. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways the […]

3D Electric Razor

We live in very interesting times; in an era where every activity that can be mechanized is mechanized and those that haven’t are either being studied or waiting their turn. Even activities as mundane as shaving have now been elevated to a novel experience with the introduction of electric razors. Generally, with these devices, one […]

3-in-1 Gel Nail Polish Pen

The nail art industry has experienced immense growth in recent times and according to market research experts, Grand View Research Inc., that growth is only expected to continue. Nail art is a beauty trend that is popular among women, particularly teenagers and adults. It involves the care and treatment of the nails with products that […]

2-in-1 Handheld Steam Iron

You know how those big shot executives always look like they’re stepping out of some fashion magazine cover even when they’re on the go? The truth is that most of them have a well-paid team that is dedicated to making sure that they’re always looking dapper, wherever and whenever. Does this mean that those of […]