Frequently Asked Questions

What is your shipping rate to Nigeria?

Shipping rates fluctuate. So, check the Shipping Rates section of our Home Page, to see the current rates. Our rates cover both shipping and clearing. This means that we handle all customs clearance for you and you pick up from our office at 5 Olutosin Ajayi Street by CPM Head Quarters, Ajao Estate, Lagos. We could also send to wherever you are at an extra cost to you.

How fast do you respond to your emails?

All things being equal, we will respond to every email within 24 hours, however, during peak periods like Christmas or Lunar New Year, there might be slight delays. Also during weekends, we may not respond as fast or may not respond at all. We are humans too.

What is your service charge for procurement?

Our service charge for procurement is 15% of the value of the products you are importing.

I am not in Nigeria, can I use your platform to import?

We are able to serve customers in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Benin Republic, Cote D'Ivoire, Uganda. However, you must note that for us to ship directly from China to any country outside Nigeria, the estimated weight of your order must be at least 10kg. If it is not up to 10kg, we will not be able to do direct shipping to countries outside Nigeria. When we do direct shipping, we will either ship directly to the address you provided or our clearing agents in these countries would give you a call to pick up your order at their location. For customers in Ghana, if your order is not up to 10kg, you can still use our platform but note that your order must get to Nigeria first, then we use ABC Express to send to Ghana. You will receive a tracking code and will pick up from ABC park in Accra. This will likely be at an extra cost to you.

What is your office address and phone numbers in Nigeria?

Our address is 5 Olutosin Ajayi Street by CPM Head Quarters, Ajao Estate, Lagos. Our Phone numbers are: +234 806 458 3664, +234 806 839 7263.

What is your address and phone numbers in China

Room 323 3/F Mingsheng Business Centre, 12-20 Guangyang Road, M. Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China.
Phone number: Soul +86 1354 4429 491.

Which websites can you help me buy from in China?

We are able to help you buy from the following websites: or,,,, etc. When you log into your dashboard, you will see a more comprehensive listing of these stores.

What is your timeline from when I place my order to when I receive it?

Our standard timeline is 10 to 20 working days from the date your order was approved by our order approval team. This is important as many customers usually start counting from when they paid for their orders. You can pay for an order and the order will be approved after two or more days due to mistakes in your order. We will approve correctly placed orders the same day except for weekends or public holidays. All things being equal, all orders arrive at our Lagos office within 10 to 20 WORKING days. Please note, WORKING days.

Your website requires that I pay an estimated shipping cost when placing an order; why?

Many mini importers, especially first-time importers do not understand all the costs involved in importation. Shipping cost can wipe out or reduce considerably your profit margin especially if you are trying to import products that are already in the market.
When you import without an idea of what the shipping cost to your country could be, you may end up abandoning your goods when they arrive and are told your shipping cost. To forestall this, we introduced estimated cost calculation and payment at the time of placing your order.

What can lead to my getting a refund on your platform?

Refunds arise for many reasons. When you make mistakes in your order, say you chose the wrong price for the product you want to import. When this happens, our team will place your order on hold. You can choose to remove the product if increasing the price to the right price will go above your budget. When this happens, a refund will be created for you. When the estimated shipping cost is more than the actual shipping cost, our system will create a refund for you. Lastly, When you cancel an order, a refund will be created for you.

When should I expect my refunds?

Refunds are generally done within 7 working days. If you do not get your refund within this time, kindly call any of our phone lines or send an email to

I don't know anything about importation from China, can you teach me?

Yes, we can teach you. We have prepared several videos to help you understand importation from China so you can be profitable. We also have a rich blog/academy where you can get quality information that will help you. The videos are available at and our blog can be found at

Can I cancel an order?

Yes, you can cancel an order as long as the order has been placed on hold or is still in the pending stage. Once an order has been approved, you will not be able to cancel it. An approved order can be placed on hold if the order has issues as raised by our procurement team in China. At this time, you must pay attention to the issues raised as you may not be required to cancel the order. You may simply be required to edit a piece of information. Please, note that we cannot cancel an order. We can only place an order on hold and you will do the cancellation yourself.

Do I pay in Dollar or Yuan?

We collect all payments as at today in Naira. Even if you have a foreign card, our payment processor - Paystack, will process your payment in Naira. You don't need to have a dollar card. Your Naira card is sufficient. Note that you can do a direct deposit to our bank account and then follow the instructions in the bank deposit section to submit your order. Once we confirm your payment, we will move your order to pending and commence the processing of your order.

What causes a delay in the processing of an order?

Delays arise for a number of reasons: You made mistakes when placing your order. This kind of mistake is usually caught by our Lagos order approval team. The supplier does not have exactly what you ordered. In this case, we will revert to you, make suggestions and carry out your instructions. The supplier does not have what you ordered but conceals that from us. In this case, we can only find out after about 72 hours and the supplier has not shipped your order. This will most likely lead to outright cancellation of the order, for a single product order or cancellation of the product in a multi-product order. When you order from a supplier that is very far from our office in Guangzhou. When you order too many products in one order, we will have to wait for all your order to arrive at our China office before we ship out. This can take time. We could choose to move your order in batches and you will know which ones have been shipped and the ones that are outstanding.

What is your Yuan/Naira and Dollar/Naira exchange rate?

Our exchange rates fluctuate and we update these regularly in the Shipping Rates section of our Home Page. Kindly check there for the current rates.

Can you check the Quality of what I ordered?

The quality of a product is a highly subjective matter so we cannot do this. You must be sure of what you are ordering before you order.
To help you; please, avoid products that are too cheap. You cannot expect certain products sold at certain prices to be top class. If you are buying electronic gadgets, please, note that we will not check the functionality or otherwise of the product.
The only checks we do are superficial - color, type, whether the product is intact or torn or broken, etc.