Lightweight products, the secret sauce of successful mini importers

lightweight product is the secret sauce of mini importers

Lightweight products remain one of the secret ingredients in creating a successful mini importation business. There are principles and rules that experts and highest earners in every field obey. To not know or obey these principles is the fastest way to burn out and go home. You are reading this because you are either a mini importer already or you have interest in starting.

In mini importation, there are rules of success that if you follow, you will most likely succeed. Obedience to these rules astronomically improves your chances of success. Our aim is to reduce mini importation business to science, something that is highly predictable.

One of such rules; perhaps one of the most important rules is to import lightweight products. The reason is simple: lightweight products reduce your shipping cost to the barest minimum. You can land some products at a slightly higher price than the cost in China because the lightweight means very low shipping cost.

Store cost versus landing cost

Many mini importers are usually excited when they see very cheap products on certain Chinese websites like They often forget or are completely unaware of the fact that a product priced at 5Yuan will not teleport itself outside China. The product will have to be bought by someone in China (for this is usually the case and we can help you with that), transported to a location in China as suppliers on are not set up for export, then packed, weighed and shipped to whatever country you live in. For insight on platforms set up for export in china and things, you need to know, read this article.

In choosing the products to import, you need to pay close attention to the weight of the product. You must note that a cheap product can have a weight that can make the landing cost pretty higher than you expect. For instance, shoes. Shoes, especially safety shoes with heavy soles and metals at the tip, can weigh as high as 2kg. So, let’s say this shoe is priced at 50Yuan, which in Naira is about N2,750. You are excited on seeing a great shoe at a great price, but then you need to consider the cost of shipping to Nigeria.

How to Calculate the Landing cost of a product

Cost of Shoes – 50Yuan – N2,750

Estimated transportation cost from the supplier to an agent’s office in China -10Yuan – N550.

The estimated service charge for procurement – N300

International shipping and customs clearing cost – N2,500/kg – N5,000 since the shoe weighs 2kg.

Estimated landing cost – N8,600.

Can you see how a pair of shoes that is priced at only N2,750 now costs N8,600?

Remember that the international shipping cost fluctuates and can be cheaper is you opt for shipping by sea.

Introducing an Estimated Landing Cost Calculator

We have developed a calculator that enables you to determine the estimated landing cost of a product you see on a Chinese website. We have used what we consider to be a worst-case scenario in designing the calculator. This means that the estimated landing cost you get with this calculator should be higher than the real landing cost. So, if on using this calculator, you find that it still makes sense to import the product, then, by all means, import it.

Here’s the link:

Examples of lightweight products?

Human Hairs, Synthetic Hairs, Wristwatches, Smart Watches, Some Clothes, Jewelry, etc. You can always confirm the weight of an item while creating an order. This video will help you to know the weight of a product so you can use the right weight when using the estimated landing cost calculator.

Wondering How to Start a Mini Importation Business?

If you don’t know how to begin, then visit our YouTube channel for videos. Here’s the link – Spreadit YouTube Channel. You can also simply visit our website –, go to How it Works to see the 10-minute video that puts you on the fast track to starting a mini importation business. You will learn how to search for products on Chinese websites and how to create your order. Everything can be done on your phone or laptop right at the comfort of your home or office.

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