NAFDAC Product Registration Guide

Some time ago, we brought you an article on a product that has attained near-elixir status and that product is CBD oil (you can click here if you haven’t read it and you should read it, we promise it’ll be worth your while). We received a lot of positive feedback which made it clear that

Top e-commerce Stores in China

Ecommerce is fast moving from just being a trend to becoming more of a standard practice for businesses – big or small – and the preferred shopping style for consumers worldwide. It can be simply defined as the process of carrying out business transactions, of any kind, online and China has established itself as the

How to Ship from China to US – A comprehensive guide

For many years, the average American had no clue that corporations like AT&T, Dell Electronics, Gap Stores, J.C. Penny’s, Avon, Petco, Johnson & Johnson, Acer, Nestles Foods, Revlon,  Pfizer, Inc. and hundreds of others were outsourcing the complete manufacturing of their products or the production of parts or ingredients to factories in China. Some of